In an interesting article from The Huffington Post, author Amanda M. Fairbanks touches on the issue of so-called "sugar daddy dating." She writes extensively about the growing commonality in America for young guys to look towards older daddies to pay-off their student loans and support them through University. Although this doesn't actually come as too much of a surprise (since I've actually been a member of such 'sugar daddy' sites in the past - mainly out of pure curiosity), I had no idea that real-life results actually came of this! Firstly, when I joined such an **unnamed** site, I was immediately put-off by the prospect; my intention was to meet older men, and I was naive enough not to fully understand the site's target audience.

Pound Money Sign In any case, the prospect of receiving money for relations with an older man brings the following into question: is it a primal desire for a power-dynamic (power in this case equalling monetary support), or is it merely another form of prostitution? I can completely understand the desire for a powerful man, but Fairbanks writes about boys receiving actual set amounts of money to maintain their 'sugar-daddy / sugar-baby' relationships.

This, in my point of view, is something entirely different than yearning for a powerful man. One could consider classic examples (particularly in the hetero community) of wealthy older men and beautiful younger women. From a psychological perspective, it seems almost evolutionarily sound that one party desires protection and/or compensation for her contribution to the relationship [ie. beauty and youth]. Furthermore, there have been studies that have shown the trade-off is not necessarily seen as benefitting one party over the other; rather, the youth has evolved a sense of erotic fulfillment through the relationship's power-dynamic, and is not actually using the older man; he or she is rather balancing the relationship contribution.

I'm rather curious what others think about such a relationship: is it authentic; is it prostitution; morals aside, is there anything wrong if both parties are content?

I remember writing with an older man on one of these sites, making it clear that I was not interested in monetary compensation; but rather that I was looking for a place to meet older men specifically searching-out young guys. He responded that he felt there was no other way to niche-target young guys who were into older guys, and he actually believed this was the only way. I remember feeling baffled, but am obviously biased by my own desires. Yet, there must be many more out there like myself: looking for an older man purely for the reason that I want an older man; quite simply my desire is both primal and intellectual, erotically-charged and emotionally-laiden. Then again, everyone has there reasons and limits :).

Source: Sex For Tuition, by Amanda M. Fairbanks